Thursday, April 22, 2010

How I use my Facebook

Facebook is a funny tool. I use it to annoy people, place random thoughts and slag off my chosen profession of archaeology as well as all of those who are associated with said profession. How did life function without social networking sites?

Fun as the use of facebook is I have recently discovered that it has darker side. With one or two too many drinks on me one night I responded to a friend's post in a way that I would not have done if I were a hundred percent sober!! I didn't actually say anything completely inappropriate but I think that the intention may have been misread. I won't compound this mistake by relating exactly what the comment was but let me say that it didn't go down too well.

Anyway in uni the following morning I was suffering from a headache and decided to take a break from the books and do some social networking; when I saw the post it all came flooding back and, to make it worse I couldn't just delete it as there was all ready seven responses; most of them were as shocked as I was when I re-read it first!!! By the end of the day there was a total of twenty-six responses and I detected some stony glances. I put a post up blaming the demon drink and claiming that the sarcasm was lost in the written media but I'm not sure that it worked. I think a proper night on the piss is the only thing that is going to cure this!!

The title of this post is How I use my Facebook and, after this incident, I would have to reply I use my facebook in a way that alienates people and, for the record, sarcasm is lost on social networking sites and donkey-punching jokes to people's mothers rarely go down well!

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